X XCOVER Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Meet the Xcover Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover: not just any truck bed cover, but a game-changer for your 2015-2023 F150 or 2022-2023 F150 Lightning Pickup w/ 5.6ft Bed. Sporting patented innovations like a built-in crossbar design and a unique tension-adjustable latch system, it offers top-notch functionality. The best part? It’s ready for any weather, courtesy of its heavy-duty vinyl and patented side rail seal system.

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Fitment Magic: Tailored for 2015-2023 F150s and even the latest 2022-2023 F150 Lightning Pickups with a 5.6ft Bed. So, rest assured, it’s going to snugly fit like that favorite pair of jeans you can’t let go of.

Unique Innovations: Xcover wasn’t content with the status quo. They’ve sprinkled some patented magic on the side rails, crossbars, and rear latches. Trust me, these aren’t just buzzwords; they translate to real-world functionality.

Top-Mount Style: It sits atop the bed rails, so water runoff is a breeze, and it takes minimal space. Got some cool accessories on your truck bed rails? Just a heads up, this one might not play well with those.

Crossbars Like No Other: The built-in cross bars? Genius. They’re low-profile and roll up WITH the cover. Need instant access to your cargo? No problem. Plus, when closed, it’s as sleek as it gets.

Installation’s A Breeze: No drilling, no fuss. Just use the heavy-duty clamps, and you’re set in, well, less than the time it takes to brew your morning coffee.

Full Bed Access: True to its name, this soft roll-up cover provides complete truck bed access when you need it. Roll it up to the front, and you’ve got the entire bed at your disposal.

Tough As Nails: I was floored by the 24OZ heavy-duty dual soaked vinyl. We’re talking marine-grade UV resistance and extreme cold resistance. This bad boy’s prepared to face the elements head-on.

Side Rail Seal System: Xcover’s patented system ensures continuous contact between the rails and cover, ensuring an all-weather fit. Say goodbye to the pesky Velcro or snap issues you might have faced with other brands.

Locking System: The patented rear push-down latch system is something to behold. It adjusts for tension, making sure the cover fits perfectly, whether it’s a blazing summer or a chilly winter.

In a nutshell, the Xcover Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover is more than just a protective layer for your truck bed. It’s a blend of thoughtful design, unmatched functionality, and rugged durability.


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