TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover


The TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover is tailor-made for Ford F-150 models (2015-2023) with a 5′ 7″ Bed. This user-friendly design boasts a top mount, standing 1.5″ above the truck bed, and is adorned with quality leather-embossed vinyl. Face all weather conditions head-on; its pre-set tarp tension ensures your cargo remains dry. Install within 30 minutes without drilling, and rest easy with a 5-year warranty backing you up.

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Meet the TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, a perfect blend of style and functionality for your 2015-2023 Ford F-150 with a 5′ 7″ bed.

The TruXport isn’t just about looks; it’s about delivering unmatched ease and practicality. I’ve seen many covers in my time, and this one truly stands out. You won’t believe how simple it is to roll this beauty up. Just unlock those tailgate latches, and you’re done. Boasting a robust 1.5” frame, it’s draped in a chic leather-embossed vinyl that not only amplifies its aesthetics but ensures its durability.

Weather got you worried? Not with this cover! Be it a torrential downpour or a snowy forecast; your cargo will remain as dry as a desert. The cover’s ingenious pre-set tarp tension mechanism guarantees a tight seal, ensuring not a drop of water sneaks in. Moreover, those support bows are a lifesaver, letting the cover bear the weight of several inches of snow when pulled taut.

One of the prime features that grabbed my attention? The no-drill installation. Gone are the days of lengthy, complicated installations. With the TruXport, all you need is under half an hour. Clamp the rails, attach the cover, roll, and voilà – you’re ready to roll. And trust me, I’ve been there, fumbling with tools and manuals; this is a game-changer.

Aesthetically, the top mount design is a treat. Elevating 1.5″ above your truck bed, it offers an unparalleled charm. The straight cross tubes further enhance the look, giving a sleek, flat appearance when the cover’s drawn close.

Speaking of closing, the dual paddle latches are a work of genius. Positioned conveniently on both sides at the truck’s rear, they make securing the tail rail in its locked state a piece of cake.

The cherry on top? The TruXport boasts a pre-set tension control integrated right into its dual latching system, ensuring that your cover remains taut and stylish throughout the year. Plus, with the rich leather grain fabric, it’s not just about safeguarding your cargo, but doing so with finesse.

And just when you think it couldn’t get better, there’s a 5-year, no-nonsense warranty waiting in the wings. For any bumps along the way, there’s a dedicated team ready to assist.


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