North Mountain Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover


Your 2015-2023 Ford F-150 5.6ft bed’s new best friend: The North Mountain Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover. Expertly designed, this tonneau offers you full truck bed access, a glove-like fit, and the promise of long-lasting resilience. Install it without a fuss, roll it up smoothly, and know that come rain or shine, it’s got your truck bed covered (literally!).

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You love your truck, right? And you’d do anything to keep it in tip-top shape? If that sounds like you, let me introduce you to a bit of magic – the North Mountain Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover.

Tailor-Made Just For You:
Specifically crafted for the 2015-2023 Ford F-150 5.6ft Fleetside/Styleside Bed, this isn’t some generic one-size-fits-all deal. With a 3D design, it’s cut to perfection, ensuring that snug fit you’ve always dreamed of.

Smooth Operator:
Ever struggled with bulky, hard-to-use covers? Kiss those days goodbye. Rolling up and down this cover is a breeze, offering you 100% access to your truck bed whenever you need it. Whether you’re hauling, stashing, or just showing off, it rolls up evenly and tucks away neatly.

Say NO to Drills:
Your truck’s body is sacred. So, why drill holes when you don’t need to? Get this beauty installed in just 30 minutes tops – all without harming your truck. And if you’re wondering how, don’t sweat it! We’ve got videos to guide you through.

Built Tough:
Now, I’ve seen some pretty flimsy covers in my time. But the North Mountain? It’s stitched with the kind of strength that won’t let you down. Rain, sleet, or that scorching summer sun – this cover’s vinyl is ready for it all.

It’s All in the Details:
Let’s chat about that unique rear seal – ever had water sneak into your truck bed? Not with this one! Tailored to withstand your tailgate’s every move, it ensures a watertight seal every time.

Cold? What Cold?:
Cold snaps got nothing on this cover. It has passed the most stringent of cold crack tests, so even on those chilly winter nights, you know it’s got your truck’s back.

Protection from the Sun:
The sun might be great for beach days, but it’s not always a truck’s best friend. Thankfully, our tonneau cover comes with top-notch UV protection. So, while you’re out soaking up the rays, you know your truck bed is safe and sound.


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